Kids Radio Corps

Kids Radio Corps


Hi, my name is Carola Lina Petrucci and I am 9. I love acting, dancing, playing piano... And I sing all day long (not during class though) for the thorough enjoyment of my whole family :-)

With my family I travel a lot to Europe. I speak English and Italian fluently and I am working hard on Spanish. When I grow up I would like to become a famous opera singer. Therefore you should listen to me now that you can afford me :-)

I am soooooo proud and excited to be part of IQ Kids radio, where "listen imaginatively" is a beautiful reality!


Hi! My name is Claire. I am 8 ½ years old. I go to St. Bonaventure School. I am good at math, running, gymnastics, and lots of other things. My favorite animals are members of the cat family, horses, bunnies, unicorns, magical animals, bears, sea otters, sea lions, foxes, birds, and most members of the dog family. My birthday is July 11, 2005 or 7-11-5. My favorite seasons are spring and summer. My favorite toys are my toy cat Stripes and my blankie. I have 2 younger sisters and 3 cousins. I like anything magical. You’ll like me.


Hey everyone! I’m Conner and I’m excited to be on the radio with you. My passion is communications and entertaining. I used to make family newspapers and I still play all the dance music at our house. I am an avid reader, movie-goer and Minecrafter. I am also writing my first novel. When I grow up, I hope to continue in the entertainment industry. I have always been told I should be on the radio, and my class is the most supportive team you’ve ever seen! I hope to bring a nice and interesting factor to iQ Kids Radio.


Hi I'm Dania, I'm in third grade at Community Day School in Squirrel Hill. I am the youngest child in my family. I have an older sister Emma and an older brother Zach. My brother and sister are twins. I also have 2 dogs, Coco and Murdoch. Both are very cute. I love dogs.

During the winter I ski with my family. I've been skiing since I was three and for the last two years I have participated on the Western Pennsylvania Race Council, which is the race team at Seven Springs. I love other sports such as volleyball, field hockey and tennis as well. A few years ago I learned to play piano. Playing an instrument is hard work but I enjoy it.

My family and I enjoy traveling. We have traveled to Paris and Israel and spent a couple of weeks learning about the people and customs. I have learned a lot and I love to travel.


Hi, my name is Domenic Masciola. I am 12 years old and I go to Propel Montour Charter School. I Live in Sheraden, that is in the west end of Pittsburgh. My favorite sport is soccer, but I like to play baseball and I’m on the swim team too. At school I am part of the Show Choir and love to run with Boys on the Move. My favorite subjects are math and science. I love to perform with Pittsburgh Musical Theater, I take classes there for dancing, singing and voice. I have been in a movie and two commercials.


Elliot, who will be starting 4th grade, is an outgoing and adventurous child. Elliot loves soccer, playing on both an in-house and a travel team. Her favorite position to play is goalie, although she often plays in the defender spot as well. In addition to soccer, Elliot enjoys being in the spotlight, participating in a local theater program, modeling and beauty pageants. Another passion of hers is art. Elliot loves to paint, sketch and write. This past school year she penned her first book, “The Strangest Day of My Life.” Elliot hopes to combine her brains, beauty and creativity some day to become Miss America, an artist and a pediatrician.


My name is Emma. I'm eleven years old, and I'm in fifth grade at Community Day School. My favorite subject is Math. I love figuring things out in my head. I'm also learning Hebrew. Learning a new language is challenging, but I think it is worth it.

I have two dogs, Murdoch and Coco, a little sister, Dania and I also have a twin brother. His name is Zach. Being a twin is fun, because you feel like you always have someone to talk to.

I have been skiing since I was five years old, and just recently I joined WPRC, or the Western Pennsylvania Racing Club. I have also been playing piano for a while now, and I find the piano to be a really beautiful instrument.

Over the summer, I am going to go to Honduras for a month, with CISV. CISV, or Children's International Summer Villages is an organization that encourages peace through children. CISV was started after World War 2, with the idea that if they got the world's children to become friends, they would strive for a more peaceful world. The focus is on teaching leadership and cultural understanding.


Marley is an 8 year old girl and attends William Penn Elementary School in Elizabeth Forward School District. She is a Brownie Girl Scout in troop 52129 and loves camping with her Girl Scout friends. She plays softball, her favorite position is catcher. She also skis and cheers. Her favorite subjects in school are music, art, and science. Marley really loves to travel, her favorite place to visit is Disney World. Marley is an animal lover, she has two dogs and a cat at home. When she grows up she wants to open an animal shelter.


My name is Nino Masciola. I am 11 years old and I’m in 6th grade at Propel Montour Charter School. I have two older brothers, Domenic and Palmer, and I live in Sheraden. I am part of the band and show choir at my school. I am in the gifted program at school, called Discovery Aces. My favorite place is PMT, Pittsburgh Musical Theater. I love to dance and listen to music. My other favorite thing to do is play sports, soccer and baseball are my favorites. When I grow up I want to be on Broadway and test roller coasters.


Presley is a hard-working 11-year-old who will be entering 6th grade in the 2014-2015 school year. In addition to being a high honor roll student, she is also an outstanding athlete. Presley participates in competition cheerleading as well as Metro basketball. Along with her organized activities, Presley began working to improve the South Park Game Preserve. Over two years she has raised $4,000 for the Preserve. She has presented regarding her efforts at the Statewide Conference on Heritage and has organized two Easter Eggs Hunts to bring awareness to her cause. She is the oldest of 5 kids and is setting a great example for her brothers and sisters.


I am Zoe Soteres, and I am 11 years young born on August 15th, 2002. I was born in Los Gatos, California, and lived there for 3 years, Then I moved to Chattanooga, Tennessee for 4 years, and then I moved to Pittsburgh, and I’ve been living here ever since. I love to act and dance and sing. I’ve been in many musicals and plays such as Les Miz (Young Eponine), Sleeping Beauty (Merryweather), Annie (Molly), and many more. I have also been in the movie Jack Reacher. I love to read, play logical board games such as Dungeons and Dragons, and write. I originate from Greece and Lebanon, and I enjoy traveling. I also love anything that has to do with the 80s and 50s. When I grow up, I will be a private defender with the job of an actress on the side. I speak fluent Pittsburgese, American, Australian, and English, and I am learning to speak French and Greek. If you were to ask me who I am, I’m way too much to fit in 100 words.

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