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Parco Avventura Resinelli

by: Carola

Posted: Mon, 10/27/2014

Sometimes my parents tell me I have my head in the clouds. Although I do not always agree with them, last week I definetly did and it was a lot of fun!

Last week I went to an adventure park called "Parco Avventura Resinelli". It is at the feet of a high mountain "La Grignetta" in a place called "Pian dei Resinelli" in the lake Como area.

There, children and adults walk among clouds, from tree to tree, suspended by ropes with foot bridges, rope ladders and zip lines.

There are different circuits depending on age, height and experience. They are very safe and a lot of fun. You need to do everything by yourself, but the instructors are always checking on you and giving you tips. My brother and I had the best 3 hours and I can't wait to go back.

So if you are in the Lake Como area and want to spend a great afternoon in the mountain do not forget to check out this park.

You can visit their website at and tell them that Carola from iqkidsradio sent you!

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My favorite Halloween Costume

by: Nino

Posted: Mon, 10/13/2014

Do you have a favorite Halloween costume? I sure do! I can remember it like it was yesterday. I was a Blue Duplo Lego. It was my last year of preschool and I was 4 years old. My mom made the costume for me. She used a large rectangular shaped box from Giant Eagle and empty tuna cans from her lunch. My Mom and Dad glued the eight tuna cans to the box with Gorilla Glue. They cut out a hole for my head and two holes for my arms, we used spray paint to make the whole thing blue. For my hat, we took a shirt box, glued one tuna can on top, cut a hole in the bottom and sprayed it blue to match. I remember being so excited to get dressed that day! I wore all blue clothes and was surprised that it was a little bit hard to walk with my Lego costume on. I won first place in my neighborhood Halloween parade that year and the prize was $25.00.

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Josh and Gab Blog on bullying

by: Marley

Posted: Mon, 09/29/2014

Josh and Gab are anti-bullying experts who write songs for kids about how not to be a bully! The first time I saw Josh and Gab was at a school assembly. I met them too when I went to help them film a video for their new song, “Look Out For Each Other.” They were so much fun, we played on the playground, ran around in the grass, and even played on the swings. They’re really like big kids. Especially Gab! "9:00 Behind the JackRabbit" is definitely my favorite song. It’s about a bully wanting to meet Josh at Kennywood behind the Jackrabbit to fight, and really they became really good friends. Be sure to check out Josh and Gab on IQKids Radio.

Additional Information: Josh and Gab on Facebook, The Josh and Gab Show

Do you know what was in style during the 80s?

by: Zoe

Posted: Thu, 09/18/2014

Do you know what was in style during the 80s?

Of course you do. iPhones, iPods, iPads, short dresses...exactly what's in style now. What if I were to tell you that even though some of the stuff that was in style in the 80s is in now, but that they didn't have iPods, or for that matter, any apple products or touch screen phones.

They had radio.

You couldn't play your favorite song just like that, unless you had a CD player. And there was no Taylor Swift or Justin Beiber. They had Queen, Prince, The Gogo Girls, those 80s bands you know.

And oh no, they did not wear super tight skinny jeans. They wore super high shorts that came up to your waist and went about a little bit less than fingertip length low. They tucked their shirts in. They pulled their collar up. They wore crop tops, which are shirts that come above the belly button. They wore gigantic hoop earrings and huge Gogo Bows in their hair, named after The Gogo Girl's hip style. And most importantly, they had Gogo Boots, also named after the famous Gogo Girls.

So now, let's go back to the first question. Did you really know what was in style during the 80s? Maybe you did, but maybe you learned a little bit more about the 80s style than you thought you knew.

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Girl Scout Camp

by: Marley

Posted: Tue, 09/09/2014

I went to Girl Scout Camp Skymeadow with my Girl Scout troop. It was mommy and me camp so our moms were there too. We stayed 2 days and 1 night. The first day we went house back riding. I was riding a brown horse named Bob and Bob has a girl friend named Philly. On our trail ride Bob was following Philly and kept trying to catch up to her. When we got back to the stable, Bob accidentally stepped on and broke my mom's baby toe trying to eat grass. We also learned how to care for the horses. We learned how to brush them using a hard bristle, a soft bristle, and a currycomb.

After horse back riding we went to a camp fire and sang funny camp fire songs. We also made a Girl Scouts favorite snack... S'mores!

We went on a hay ride before lunch on the last day. The hayride was fun because we got to see almost the whole camp, there was a canoe pond and fishing pond, we saw other Girl Scouts riding horses, and the archery range.

After lunch we went to the archery range and learned how to shoot a recurve bow. It was really hard but after trying a few times I was able to hit the target. I did miss a bunch before hitting it though!

I always try new things at Girl Scout camp. There are always chores at Girl Scout camp too. We have to clean the cabin as a team before we leave. Even with the chores, Girl Scout camp is really fun, especially if it's with friends.

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Do you want a pet?

by: Claire

Posted: Fri, 09/05/2014

Do you want a pet? If you do, you might want to go to Animal Friends. Animal Friends has bunnies, cats, and dogs for adoption! You can also have birthday parties there! I had my party there. It was so fun! We got to go on a tour of the shelter. When we were, we got to play with the cats and kittens and give treats to the dogs! The dog room is noisy! The also let a special kitten named Palmer into the party room! We got to pet him and I got to hold him! You also get to play BINGO, open presents, eat Bruster's ice cream cake, and make your own treat bags! The birthday person also gets a t-shirt signed by everyone who came and gets to name the next cat, bunny, or dog that comes! Animal Friends is a really great place, so if you like animals, have you party there, just look at the animals, or maybe even adopt one. Meow!

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I love soccer

by: Nino

Posted: Thu, 08/28/2014

One of my favorite things to do is play soccer. I have been playing soccer since I was four, I’m getting pretty good! Last year my team was undefeated, and we won the championship! I play soccer almost every day at Hershel field in my neighborhood. If there is a day when I’m not at the field, I’m out in my back yard with our brand new soccer net and a bunch of soccer balls practicing my foot work with my brothers. When I’m not playing soccer outside I love to play FIFA on my Xbox, and watch soccer games on TV. It was great to be able to watch the World Cup this summer and see lots of people getting excited about the sport I love! If you want to find out more about soccer try these two websites:

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Sandcastle Water Park

by: Dom

Posted: Fri, 08/22/2014

Do you like waterslides?
If you do, then Sandcastle waterpark is the place for you. Sandcastle is a waterpark with lots of waterslides. You can ride the Dragon’s Den with a partner or pick one of the other super fun slides to enjoy. If you don’t like waterslides, you can hang out at humongous Wave Pool or relax in the Lazy River. There is even a Sand Dune to visit if you love the beach and sand. It’s the perfect place to spend a summer day in Pittsburgh.

Additional Information: Visit Sandcastle's website

The Comic Book Shop

by: Conner

Posted: Mon, 08/18/2014

I made an exciting discovery this summer … the comic book shop. There are so many in Pittsburgh. If you like reading and you like adventure, the comic book shop could be a fun place for you! It all started for me after the Memorial Day parade. After I was done marching with my cub scout troop, I saw a cool shop with a bunch of posters on the windows. I liked them so I asked my family if we could stop in. When I pulled open the door, I felt right at home. Comic books of all kinds lined the walls and I had the shop to myself to look around. From Batman to Sesame Street, they had something for everyone. I chose a new Batman series that was just released. When I got home, I started reading and my love of comic books began. One of my favorite things to do now is visit the comic book store and get the newly released issue of my favorite comic.
Next time you are out with your family, take a look around because you might find a cool comic book shop near you. Pittsburgh is also the home of the Toonseum, a museum of cartoon art. That is next on my list of places to visit.

Additional Information: Toonseum, WordGirl Comic Book: Mystery Meat, WordGirl Comic Strip Capers

Pippi Longstocking

by: Carola

Posted: Wed, 08/06/2014

Have you ever heard of Pippi Longstocking?

It's such an unusual name... I watched the musical in Florida last week! Pippi is a really strong-minded, sassy girl who has braided red hair and lives by herself in a house called "Villa Villekula". Her father is a pirate at sea and her mother is an angel in heaven.

She has two friends, Tommy and Annika, who live next door and always enjoy sharing Pippi's adventures. My mom grew up watching Pippi Longstocking and still enjoys it. Together we watched two full length movies and many tv series episodes on youtube.

Here is a book I read to my little brother that I recommend:
"Pippi Longstocking"
Written by: Astrid Lindgren

And below are some links on youtube you might like.

ENJOY! Ciao bambini ( bye guys)

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